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Claudia Swea has been in love with this dating app since she got to try it out the last time and she realized to herself wow its the easiest way to get my pussy stretched out by hot strangers. So anyways Claudia has decided she is jumping back on and only in a couple minutes she has a date lined up with a hot dude and she just knows she is about to rock his world. Claudia goes and meets up in public with her date and they start walking together talking it keeping casual when she suggests that they make their way over to the park and he agrees. As soon as they. get into a secluded part of the park Claudia gets to work and begins to suck on his cock and stroke him getting him nice and hard and covered in her spit. Claudia then turns around and bends over lifting her dress up revealing that there is nothing underneath but her wet cunt ready for the taking. Her date does not wait even a second before sticking his cock in and starting to fuck her right there bent over in the open with every thrust Claudia moans even louder as she gets stretched out. Claudia and her date decide to go to his apartment where they will be completely uninterrupted . As soon as they get in Claudia makes her way to the bed and gets right back to work deep throating this lucky guys hard cock and preparing to have her pussy stuffed again by rubbing it while she does that. He bends her over on the bed and begins to fuck her in doggy style thrusting deeper into her before flipping her around and fucking her in missionary seeing her expressions with every pump. Claudia gets on top and rides him cowgirl before she gets down and sucks his cock until he blows his load all over her face giving her a warm facial.


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