Julia Exclusiv: Public Fucking Is All She Needs


Julia Exclusiv is going on her first date on this new app she downloaded and she is ecstatic like really beyond excited and you are probably wondering why right? Well Julia is fucking horny! she has not gotten to fuck in a few and for a girl who has " Anal Bitch" tattooed on her ass thats a long ass time! So Julia and her date go and meet at a park and they decide they want to take a walk get to know each other. Once they get to a secluded spot Julia begins to make out with her hot date reaching down and grabbing at his cock. Quickly she gets down on her knees and begins to suck on his big cock taking all of it down her throat proving what a good little slut she truly is. Julia strips off her clothes and reveals her ass tattoo to him and he is so horny he bends her over a rock and begins to eat her out from behind. Julia is loving every second of it and begs him to fuck her which he instantly complies and shoves his fat cock into her dripping wet pussy. Julia is getting her pussy pumped away at and like the expert hoe that she is she shoves her ass back towards his cock adding double the pleasure. She gets flipped around and fucked in missionary watching her faces of pleasure and grabbing at her face. They both make their way over to a grassy field where Julia lay's down. Julia is getting fucked right on the grass in missionary now as she gets her pussy fucked she rubs her clit at the same time using her spit as a lube. Julia gets flipped around and fucked from behind and getting her ass grabbed at her tattoo is so sexy he decides to pull out and cums all over her fat ass.


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