Minori: Great Dates Start In Public


Blonde slut Minori is too lazy to go around pubs to meet with handsome and fit studs. Luckily, this horny babe can use dating apps to flirt with a lot of hunks even while she's home. A particular man on the dating app catches Minori's attention. The beautiful babe doesn't think twice when the man asks her for a meet-up. She wants to meet the man in person and see for herself what he has to offer. Minori waits patiently for her dating match in an empty street. She can't hide her excitement when the fit stud zooms in his car. Lustful sparks come flying around as soon as the two meet each other's eyes. No more words are needed. Minori wants to be fucked right there and then. The lustful beast inside her can't wait any longer. Minori and his date find an empty building nearby. It doesn't take too long before Minori starts showing her horny nature to the man. She quickly takes off her jacket and shirt. She then teases her date using her busty tits and irresistible eyes. The man shows that he is always ready for action. He unzips his pants and flaunts his huge cock. Not being able to resist any longer, Minori drops down to her knees and starts giving the man a sensual blowjob. After slobbering his cock with her spit, Minori pulls down her denim pants and offers her tight pussy to her date. The fit stud aggressively fucks the horny nymph from behind. Minori's bubble butt bounces wildly with each thrust. The two change their position to the cowgirl position. The chilly weather is no match to the burning desire of these two. Minori takes off all her clothes as she rides and grinds on top of the man. The couple continues to fuck each other's brains out in the empty building. The kinky Public Sex adventure nears its end as the man feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his cock from her pussy and gives Minori a fresh and warm pearl necklace.


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