Mini Hotcore: Takes Cock In Public


Horny emo teen Mini Hotcore goes on a blind date with a guy she met on a dating app. Mini wears her favorite red dress to signify what she wants. For her, red is the color of sex. As such, she expects to have a dick deep inside her pussy every time she wears such color. Mini and her blind date decide to meet on the street. The stunning teen can't hide her excitement. She is about to receive a hard fucking today. There is no use in hiding how horny she is. Mini is happy that her date is with a fit stud. They go on a walk for a while. However, the raging horny cells on her body are too much to control. Mini can't contain her lust any longer. She shows off her wet hole to her date. Luckily, the guy also wants the same thing. He fingerfucks Mini's pussy until it becomes dripping wet. The petite teen returns the favor by giving him a nice blowjob. The two don't give a fuck that they are in a public space. All they want right now is to take each other's body and use it as their own. It doesn't take too long before the hot dude is fucking Mini in the standing position. After a few hard thrusts, the couple decides to find a better place to fuck. It seems luck is on their side this time around. They find a table in a secluded place. Mini and her date don't waste a single minute. They continue right where they left off. He fucks her tight pussy in the spooning position. Mini can't help but cum over and over again. The heavy pounding resulted in violent gushing and squirting. The duo continues to fuck each other's brains out. Mini can't stop squirting her love juices all over the place. Her match keeps on ravaging her pussy with his cock until he can't hold on any longer. He sprays his warm cum all over Mini's hot body.


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