Lou Nesbit: New Kind Of Car Ride


Petite nerdy brunette Lou Nesbit has had a really hard time getting any dates as of late and beyond that has gone now a long time since she had her brains fucked out. She read online about this awesome new dating app that is super helpful and she right away downloads it begins using it and gets a match with this really sexy guy. Lou knows that she is going to fuck him right away she knows that this date is going to turn into a hook up the second they get somewhere private and she is beyond excited. So Lou goes to meet her date and they hit it off right off the bat. After they have been talking and walking for a while Lou ask's to see his car and they start heading into the direction of the parking lot as they walk Lou lowers her shorts to revel her cute little ass and starts lifting her shirt up showing her small and perky tits off to her date getting hm horny and excited for what is to come. Before they even get into the car in between his car and the others Lou gets on her knees and begins to suck her dates cock right then and there. Lou is showing off what a master at sucking dick she is taking every inch down her throat and stroking it with her hands who would have known this nerd was such a slut. Lou lowers her shorts and bends over reaching onto another car offering her tight pussy to her date and he takes full advantage and begins to fuck her right away sliding his cock into her pumping away at her pussy. They make their way into his car where he begins to eat out Lou's pussy and continues fucking her until he finally blows his load all over her body.


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